Law Office Technology Powerpoint

You are completing the project that was started in module 07. Here is the course project schedule you followed:

Module Assignment
07 Module 07 Course Project – PowerPoint Slides
07 Module 07 Course Project – Access Contact List
08 Module 08 Course Project – Meeting PowerPoint
09 Module 09 Course Project – Case Scheduling Data
10 Module 10 Course Project – Plan and Schedule Hearing Dates
11 Module 11 Course Project – Summary of Knowledge and Skills

Your final course project deliverable due this week is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You will summarize what you learned about applying software for law office uses in this presentation. You will prepare at least ten slides, with at least one comment on each part of the project, from the list above. The ten slides should include at least five quotes from the text (I have provided the quotes and reference information below to be used). The slides should also show your own independent thinking about legal software applications. The slides should include generalizations about how law offices can use software and also some specific skills you learned. All slides must be free of grammar and spelling errors.

****** Quotes to be included in powerpoint and reference citations:

The increase in the use of electronic filing and documents in litigation and the number of federal and state rules and amount of case law on electronic discovery are increasing the demand for skills and knowledge in the use of technology in civil litigation. Increasingly, the legal team must work with technology professionals in order to use computers and electronic data effectively. Thus everyone on the legal team must now have a working familiarity with computers and the types of computer programs used in the law office. (Page 5)

Because of the importance of written communication in the legal profession, the word processor is the most frequently used software in almost any law office. (Page 130)

Spreadsheets are a core element of many legal specialty applications. These applications provide spreadsheet templates with formulas for calculating the information needed. (Page 170)

Case management, client contacts, billing, and litigation management programs are essentially databases. These programs are designed with input forms that search the fields of data records to prepare predefined reports. (Page 224)

A case management system, such as Case Map, allows all authorized members of the legal team to access the case information day or night. An effective system requires a central repository for information gathered by each of the team members, and the ability of team members to access the case information added by others. (Page 296)

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