Labor Relations and Management

The AFL, IWW, and CIO were all created out of frustration with the existing dominant form of unionism at the time. Explain. What does this imply about the future of U.S. unionism?How are the lyrics of “Solidarity Forever” (p. 81) consistent with the IWW’s beliefs? How is it ironic that today’s mainstream unions have adopted this song as their own? What parts of the lyrics would today’s mainstream unions agree with?Look at the reasons listed by employers for being nonunion in the open shop handout in Figure 3.3. How would an AFL leader have responded to these reasons? Is the open shop movement consistent with today’s human resource management approach?Describe how the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor, and the Industrial Workers of the World differed in their views of efficiency, equity, and voice. How about employers? What were their views of efficiency, equity, and voice during the open shop movement? Did these views change during the period of welfare capitalism?

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