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asn5020Health Care Leadership Self-AssessmentProfessional ContextTo remain relevant, health care leaders must regularly assess  individual competencies relative to organizational strategy and mutual  fit. Changing laws, regulations, technology, consumer preferences,  medical treatment advances, and external environmental shifts can affect  the skill sets needed for an effective leadership. An accurate  self-assessment is the first step in the identification of potential  gaps. The next step involves the development of an action plan to close  those gaps. This process is consistent throughout the career of any  health care leader.By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate  your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment  criteria:Competency 1: Transformation: Facilitate a change process that  effectively involves patients, communities, and professionals in the  improvement and delivery of health care and wellness.Assess your progress toward developing NCHL health leadership competencies.Analyze your health care leadership competencies.Competency 2: Execution: Translate strategy to develop and maintain optimal organizational performance in health care settings.Evaluate the outcomes of demonstrated health leadership that illustrate NCHL competencies.Competency 3: People: Create an organizational climate that  values and supports employees and colleagues in health care settings.Describe specific, personal examples of NCHL health leadership competency, with the intent of improving health care outcomes.InstructionsComplete a self-assessment of your health care leadership  competencies. Use the STAR Format Competency Rating Table linked in the  Resources to record your assessment. Instructions for filling in the table are included in the document.Note: The requirements outlined below correspond  to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your  self-assessment addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to  read the Health Care Leadership Self-Assessment Scoring Guide to better  understand how each criterion will be assessed.Assess your progress toward developing NCHL health leadership competencies.Review the NCHL competency model. (Note: There  are 26 total competencies listed in the NHCL Competency Model. You will  need to assess 19 of the 26 NHCL competencies, as they are listed in  the STAR Format Competency Rating Table).Compare your baseline competency rating at the start of your program with your current competency rating.Provide examples of demonstrated leadership that support your assessment.Describe specific, personal examples of NCHL health leadership competency, with the intent of improving health care outcomes.Provide the current and relevant examples of how you have  demonstrated these skills in the past, preferably in the health care and  human services industry.If you do not have experience in health care or human services,  consider how you may have demonstrated these skills in a different  industry or setting, a previous job, volunteer work, or other courses  here at Capella. For example,Perhaps, when you assumed a role in a strategic marketing  team for a client organization, you demonstrated analytical thinking,  strategic orientation, and organizational awareness.Perhaps you demonstrated an information seeking attitude and self-confidence during a health policy team debate on HIPAA.Perhaps, while conducting a health care quality cost-benefit  analysis, you demonstrated financial skills, performance measurement,  and human resource management.Evaluate the outcomes of demonstrated health leadership that illustrate NCHL competencies.Reflect upon personal, community, volunteer, academic teamwork,  and workplace experience in which you have demonstrated each  competency.If asked, how would you justify your evaluation?Analyze your health care leadership competencies.Reflect upon your baseline and current competency levels.Explain any new insights from your competency assessment.Based on this assessment, what career development steps might you take in the future?Portfolio Prompt: You are required to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio.ResourcesHealth Care Leadership Self-Assessment Scoring Guide.ePortfolio.NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model [DOCX].STAR Format Competency Rating Table [DOCX].

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