journalism news story 1

Hello, I’m currently stuck in a journalism assignment that I have and I need this done ASAP. It has 4 parts to it, the first two parts are completed. 

The 3rd part is where you write a news story about the chosen career you persue. (Which I already picked and it’s the first part of the assignment.) You must include quotations from the interview you conducted, (heres the link for the interview: It must be a minimum of 500–750 words long, and it must include your lead, direct quotations from the interviewed source, and references to information you learned from your research sources.

The lead I already wrote and  I also provided the research sources. It’s all in the attachment.

The 4th part you must revise your new story and highlight the revision. It doesn’t have to be a lot of revision just a few nothing less than 5 revisions but nothing more than 10.

That is all.

Here is the attachment.

journalism notebook.rtf 

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