journal reflection 20

1- In several paragraphs describe the specific abilities, skills, and knowledge you bring to your major and or desired career field. Why did you choose your current field? What is its appeal to you? What are you not majoring in something else? In other words, what do you think you are good at? In what courses have you succeeded? What do others say you are good at? What courses have you liked the most? Why? (my major is biology and I’m pre-dentist).

2- In several paragraphs describe the weaknesses that you possess in regard to you your major and/or prospective career. In what areas do you need to develop? How are you going to do this? What is your growth plan? In other words, what are you doing to develop your skills and knowledge in your career field apart from what you are studying in school? (my major is biology and I’m pre-dentist).

-MLA Formating

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