THIS IS A REFLECTION JOURNAL, I DO NOT NEED A TITLE PAGE. PLEASE LIST REFERENCES 1-3 MUST BE ANSWERED COMPLETELYReflectionThe Education of All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA or EHA), or PL 94-142, “was the first to mandate that schools provide education to students with disabilities” (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 1.3).1. Reflect on how key aspects of this law such as FAPE, LRE, IEP, and due process will specifically impact you as a teacher or caregiver.2. What is your role in ensuring that each portion of this law is upheld in your classroom?3.  What concerns do you have regarding your role and why?I HAVE ATTACHED CHAPTER 1 FROM THE TEXT BOOK TO HELP WITH THE ASSIGNMENT IF NEEDEDHERE IS THE REFERENCE FOR THE TEXT BOOKPowell, S. R., & Driver, M. K. (2013). Working with exceptional students: An introduction to special education [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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