, you will create a basic guidance plan for a child named Jana. In each module you will be provided new information on Jana. For this assignment, use your critical thinking skills to analyze the new information presented and reflect upon it.Step 1: Review the New Information on JanaYou recently learned three more important pieces of information that may have an impact on your handling of Jana’s challenging behaviors:Jana’s mom is a single-parent.Jana’s mom oftentimes doesn’t speak kindly to Jana.Jolena was just diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome – 6 months ago.Step 2: Conduct ResearchConductacademic researchusing the Rasmussen Library databases as well as reliable webpages about the following topic: Early Childhood Asperger’s.Step 3: Write a ReflectionIn a minimum of 2 – pages (not counting the title page and reference page) address the following:Does this new information change your opinion about why Jana might be displaying the challenging behavior?If so, what specifically has changed?Would you adjust the developmental domains you identified last week to support Jana?If so, which domains would you choose or omit now that you know Jana’s sister has been diagnosed with Asperger’s?Explain, using details, why you would make these changes.Incorporate one (1) credible outside resource to support your position.

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