its a compare and contrast analysis art paper

Choose two images from the chapters we have gone over in class (Intro, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). They must be from two different chapters. Insert the page number after your first mention of the art work.

Compare and contrast them. What are their similarities? Differences? Please use your book as your main source of information, with outside research in addition.

Consider these categories: Political climate, religious context, region and time period, material and form, questions that still exist about the piece. Why was it made? Who wanted to see it? Was it controversial? Why? You can disagree with your book or have a different perspective, as long as you state what the book says and what you think.

Paper must be 4 pages long (minimum of three) and include an introduction, context and background information, and your arguments comparing and contrasting them.

Please cite your two artworks with chapter and page number. You are more than welcome to include another art work from our book in support of your argument.

If you use any other sources, cite them on an extra page in the back of your paper. Do not cite Wikipedia. Art works must be introduced in the first paragraph.

Include a cover page with your name, date, class, and title of paper. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure will all be considered in your grade as well as citations and length.

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