it support systems phase 2 individual project

2–3 pages of material in the Key Assignment template section titled “Tools and Technologies,”

As you continue to build the help desk, you want to ensure that all of the tools are in place and that the analysts have the tools needed to resolve issues as they are reported. First, you want to understand and be able to report what the steps in problem solving entails. The following are common steps when solving issues:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Determining the cause of the problem
  • Generating options
  • Evaluating and prioritizing options
  • Determining a course of action

Describe each step in detail, and discuss the issues and deliverables that exist at each step. To help ensure that the infrastructure is in place for the analysts, describe what technologies need to be in place at each step for you to enable your help desk analysts.

Add the discussion about the steps in solving issues and the deliverables generated at each step and the discussion about what technology is needed for each step to the section titled Tools and Technologies. Name the document IT225_<First and Last Name>_IP2.doc.

This document will allow you to see what has been done so far so that this new section can be complete


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