Is Increasing Profits the Only Social Responsibility of Business?(No)

My topic is” Is Increasing Profits the Only Social Responsibility of Business?(No)”. I want 5 points(sources) with cases in position paper. Each sources need have a case to prove it.

For this assignment each team will be assigned one side of a debate within the Taking Sides textbook. Teams will write a position paper and present their side of the debate to the class. Each team will have 10-12 minutes to for their initial presentation. After each side has presented, a caucus will occur during which time the presenting teams and the audience will think of questions to ask the presenting teams. The questioning phase begins with one question each from the presenting teams for the opposing team. Then, the floor will be open to questions from the class. The questions must be answered in no longer than one minute. After the questioning phase, another caucus will take place for presenting teams to regroup and make changes to their rebuttal/closing statement. After each side has presented their rebuttals, then the class will vote for the team they found the most persuasive. A coin will be flipped to determine which team presents first. The team who presents first will present its rebuttal second.

Further details on the various components of this assignment are below. From time to time, guest moderators may participate in the questioning portion of the debate and in feedback given to presenters. The course schedule contains the dates of the Taking Sides debates.

Position Paper

The position paper should logically and persuasively defend the side of the debate assigned to the team. The use of headings is encouraged. The paper must contain at least five external sources (i.e. not the textbooks for the course). The paper must be between five and seven pages, double spaced, 1 inch border, and in size 12 Times New Roman font. Students must use APA for citing the sources. The paper should not be a mirror of the supporting article in Taking Sides. The articles in Taking Sides should be a starting point for further research.

Remember, to be persuasive, you must have a solid understanding of the other side’s position. You must counter some of their potential arguments in your paper in at least one “refuting” paragraph. Your counter arguments should not encompass your entire paper, but you do need to at least briefly refute the other side’s claims.

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