inverted pyramid and leads due oct 6 2

1. What are three tips that describe The Inverted Pyramid (5 points each)

2. What is one advantage of using the inverted pyramid? (10)

3. What is a drawback of inverted pyramid leads? (10)

On any day this week, choose the top story on President Trump on these sites _, and

Link to the story and answer these questions for each of the three (5 points for each site):

4. Did NYT use inverted pyramid in its lead?



5. In each, what are the who, what, where, when, why, and how?

NYT story:

Fox story:

AP story:

6. What are three of the variations to an Inverted Pyramid lead? (5 each)

7. Find, and provide link to a Tweet that is breaking news (10)

8. Name 2 ways to help ensure accuracy (10)

BONUS: Find and link to a lead you liked because it was funny

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