introduction and literature

i already wrote an abstract about How can street art affect the city image of the cities

i only need to add on the abstract an introduction and literature using these references

References ● Leventis, P. (2013). Walls of crisis: Street art and urban fabric in central Athens 2000-2012. Architectural Histories, 1 (1), 1-10. DOI: ● Conklin, Tiffany Renée (2012). Street art, ideology, and public space. Diss. Portland State University. ● Januchta-Szostak, A. (2010). The Role of Public Visual Art in Urban Space Recognition. In K. Perusich (ed.), Cognitive Maps (pp. 75-101). Rijeka, Intech. ● Ursic, M. (2014). ‘City as a work of art’ – Influence of public art in the city McCarthy, M. (2017). Street Art As A Tool For Change ● Ahmed H. Radwan (2016) (Urban street art as a sign of representing culture, economics & politics of the cities),College of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

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