interpretation of a case study and apply behaviorism and social cognitive theories

Interpretation of a case study from the viewpoint of both behaviorism and social cognitive theories. Apply the theories to interpret the case study.

Case Study

Dena grew up in a large family in the Midwest. The oldest child, she was her mother’s primary helper growing up, and loved working in the kitchen making casseroles, breads, and especially baked goods. “I can make homemade noodles, biscuits, and brownies in my sleep”.

Dena, her husband, and two children recently moved from a very small town to a large coastal city. Unfortunately, the foods she grew up cooking and eating have now taken a toll. Additionally, her spouse and children are all having issues with food sensitivities and Dena has been recently chastised by her physician that something has to change—her weight has ballooned and she is pre-diabetic. She admits she does not seem to have an “off-button” when it comes to sweets and is really distracted by them. Dena’s physician suggested she might suffer from sugar addiction, and recommended a radical shift to a plant-based diet. Dena is in agreement yet Dena is also quite lost. “How do I make green smoothies in my sleep? I still can’t tell the difference between all the kinds of kale—I’m out of my comfort zone by a mile here, and all I can think about is brownies. I know I have to fix this, but it seems I have to un-learn everything I know.”

APA Format, credible resources with In-text citations

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