Internal Public Relations

Resource: The Practice of Public Relations, Ch. 11

Read the “Sony Shoots the Messenger” Case Study on page 242 in The Practice of Public Relations, Ch. 11. (See attached file, it has the Case Study and the 3 questions which are needed for this assignment.)

Answer the three questions at the end of the chapter located on page 243. (Attached File, the last page)

Write a 1,050- to 1,150-word paper in which you describe how the case was handled and provide recommended improvements for your client (Sony).

Include three outside references plus the text book (See the attached file it has the textbook’s information) as well as citations with your paper. (So, this paper needs a minimum 4 references, 1 from textbook, and 3 outside references)

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use in-text citations, use headers, and headline for all the questions asked, DO NOT use Abstract for this paper.

See attached Grading Guide, to make sure you are covering everything needed for this paper.

The 1,050- to 1,150-word count does not include the title page and the reference page.

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