information security 43

Week 2 Theme, Readings, and Requirements

Theme: Security Architecture and Engineering

Readings: Chapple, Chapters 6-10


It is time to start building on what we learned last week. This week we start looking at some technical concepts. Chapters 6 and 7 will be discussing Cryptography at length and in some detail. This can be a daunting topic so it is suggested that you read it slowly and maybe go over it more than once to make sure you have a good handle on the topic. Chapter 8 will show you the secure design principles that should be used when building systems. Chapter 9 brings you into the world of security threats and vulnerabilities. We wind up with Chapter 10 where we learn about physical security.

Week 2 – Synthesis Paper

There is a lot of talk in business about using open source systems. Open source is being used in a lot of cloud applications.

What is the difference between open and closed systems and open and closed source? What are the ramifications for using Open Systems/Source versus Closed Systems/Source for a business?

Write this in a 3-4 page paper and be sure to cite your sources.

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