information governance for delivery platform specifically for e mail and instant messaging 1


Smallwood, R. F. (2014). Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices: John Wiley & Sons

Information Governance for delivery Platform, specifically for E-mail and Instant Messaging. Please answer and discuss the following:

1.- Who can hack the organizations’ e-mail systems?

2- Why as an employee you don’t need to divulge any more personal information than is necessary?

3.- What happen to the organizations’ IT assets when employee send work

e-mail to and from their personal e-mail account?

4. Why e-mail is a critical area of IG?

Support your finding with credible sources

Cite specific examples from this week’s readings and give credit to the source

All submitted work must be per APA’s Style, Formatting and Structure.

Do not exceed 100 words per each answer.

Note- When you use more than 40 words or more, you need to display the information in a freestanding block and omit the quotation marks. Refer to the APA Manual.

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