information governance 36

Research the company in details to explain the following:

Company name : Blue Cross Blue Shield[ Health Care]

  • Pre-IG Analysis (what was the business like before IG?)
  • IG Drivers (Why did the company choose to implement IG?)
  • IG Program details (What is the IG structure and what components did it have?)
  • Organizational Impact (What was the impact on the organizational operations, culture, and processes?)
  • Challenges (What were the challenges, if any, that the company faced while implementing IG?)
  • Benefits Realized (What are the benefits the company achieved by implementing IG (more revenues, cost savings, business expansion..etc.)?
  • Future Plans (What are the plans the company has for IG program? Expansion, updating, cancelation..etc.)?

1. APA Format

2. 6-7 Pages word doc

3. 6 Slides PPT

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