Individual and Organizational Resistance to Change


Explain and answer the following questions citing supporting evidence in APA format from at least three the videos and readings as well as two credible information sources you have researched yourself (should have a total of 5 references). Your answer should be well developed and organized with an introduction, body and conclusion. Estimated length 350 words.

What are the primary reasons for individual and organizational resistance to change? Provide specific workplace examples of some of the ways in which organizational and individual resistance may manifest itself. Finally, discuss whether you think individual or organizational resistance would be the strongest and create the biggest barrier to change. Explain your reasons.

Culture is key: The 2013 culture and change management survey

Duration: 2:11
User: n/a – Added: 4/3/14

EDxPerth – Jason Clarke – Embracing Change

Duration: 18:04
User: n/a – Added: 12/22/10


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