incident action plan 3

Incident objectives are a key component of an IAP. They establish realistic goals, delegate responsibility, and establish priorities. Complete objective one and supporting statements in all phases of the Incident Action Plan Template.

  • Follow the structure and instructions provided in the Incident Action Plan Template and the Incident Action Plan Example.

my portion will cover the restoration phase will illustrate the short-term restoration strategy of 1) the government, 2) the community, and 3) commerce. I will explain how each plan will be achieved. Suggestions for this section include restoring power, restoring water, temporary housing, food distribution, and medical facilities. Only one of the objective for the Restoration Phase need to be completed for the Incident Action Template attachment. The incident action plan in place for the severe weather storm scenario. That what the objective need to reflect. Hope my directions are clear, again this is the only objective to focus on. Use the attachment to add the info please don’t write a paper this assignment doesn’t require that at all.

Restoration Phase

  1. Objective One: Click here to add objective 1.
  2. Click here to add supporting statement.
  3. Click here to add additional supporting statements as needed.

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