importance of building a brand

Written Assignment

Select a specific industry and two companies of your choice from that industry. Compare and contrast those companies based upon the topics of; brand, pricing, advertising, and location. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of those companies based on the above factors. Please use the research articles provided for this week’s assignment. In addition, acquire and read another academic or scholarly article as research for this assignment.

Write a 3-4 page paper that examines the importance of building and developing a brand, reputation, and image that integrates into a marketing and manufacturing strategy. In addition explain how a compensation package supports the business strategy.

Here are the references that the teacher asked to use in addition to what you find:

Joshi, Aditya; Giménez, Eduardo. (2014). Decision-Driven Marketing. Harvard Business Review. Jul/Aug2014, Vol. 92 Issue 7/8, p64-71.

Marc de Jong, Nathan Marston, and Erik Roth McKinsey Quarterly The Eight Essentials of innovation

Acquire and read another scholarly article for this week that draws a correlation between globalization and innovation and the impact on marketing.

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