immigration and crime reading response 2

Read the required reading posted below and provide a one page summary of the readings.

on another page, i want bullets points of main ideas and key findings, as well as your opinions of what you thought and how you felt about the readings


Dowling, Julie and Jonathan Inda. 2013. Governing Immigration through Crime: A Reader.

Stanford Social Sciences. ISBN-13:978-0804778817

(DI) – Only read chapter 6

Kubrin, Charis E., Marjorie S. Zatz, Ramiro Martínez. 2015. Punishing Immigrants: Policy,

Politics, and Injustice (New Perspectives in Crime, Deviance, and Law). NYU Press. ISBN-13:


(KZM) – Only read chapter 10

Due Thursday 8/3 at 8pm ET

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