Identity Profile

Identity ProfileThis assignment is a reflection and analysis of your personal racial, ethnic, and cultural identity. For this assignment, you will write a paper of 4–5 pages (excluding the cover page and references list).You are expected to complete the following:Describe your own race, ethnicity, cultural influences, traditions, beliefs, and values:Support your description of your identity with at least three peer-reviewed journal articles published in the last 5 years that discuss racial identity development, ethnic identity development, or cultural identity development. Use the Capella Library and search for three peer-reviewed journal articles related to the identity you describe. (For example, key word search for Latino and identity model or Hispanic and cultural identity development models.)Identify and discuss factors that influenced how you view yourself (background, experiences, cultural traditions, parental and family relationship, education, and workplace):Support your description of factors that influenced your view of self with findings from your Internet search in Unit 1.Consider and analyze how the two domains above have affected your interactions with others, paying particular attention to culture and diversity issues and cultural competence:Support your analysis with a summary of findings from Universal Ethnic Identity Scale (UEIS) in Unit 1 and the self-assessment in Unit 3.Compare and contrast your analysis of Universal Ethnic Identity Scale (UEIS) and self-assessment with one of the following additional assessments:Everyday Multicultural Competencies/Revised Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy.Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Tool.Assignment RequirementsTimes New Roman, 12-point, and double-spaced.Include a cover page, page numbers, and a running head.It is acceptable to write in the first person for this assignment.Cite at least three sources.Use the current APA style and formatting, particularly for citations and references.

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