identify key external stakeholders for uber and their erm requirements

This is whole requirements. This is a team case assignments.

1. Identify current-state ERM framework, or components of different frameworks, as applicable

– Assume UBER is trying to build an ERM framework using COSO ERM (See Traditional Risk Course). What are the key parts of the framework that need to be considered and implemented? Think about how they would consistently implement the framework across the enterprise or different frameworks in different business segments or in different ERM process cycles?

2. Identify key external stakeholders for your program and their ERM requirements

3. Provide high-level assessment of case’s public risk disclosures (e.g., 10-K) and suitability for investors

– Provide general themes and also give some specific examples of good/bad practices


I’m doing Investors in question No.2.

So you need to identify investors as a key external stakeholder in Uber and their ERM requirements. It’s need about 150 words.

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