i need to help doing an exam that is due at 11pm tonight

I have an exam in CIS 110 and it is due at 11pm tonight.

First go to Grossmont/Cuyamaca college website.

Click canvas. My username and password is

user: shawna.tomika password: 021898

Go to courses click on CIS 110. then click on cis.cuyamaca.edu/draney

click student login. user: shawna.tomika password: 021898

click schedule at the top and go down to today’s date 02/21 and click exam 1.

After you do all this…scroll down and under exam list click exam 1.

In bright yellow there will be a box where you have to click check to start.

Once you click check it will show you all the steps to the project/exam.

It is worth 40 points and due at 11pm.

I could not upload the files but if you do the following steps above it will show all the instructions.


username: shawna.tomika

password: Tomika218

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