i need strengths weaknesses limitations future directions implications and final succinct paragraph about the articles that i uploaded

I need strengths/weaknesses/limitations, future directions, implications and final succinct paragraph about the articles that I uploaded.

    • Strengths/Weaknesses/Limitations: What are the MAIN contributions/problems/big gaps within the empirical research? Focus on the most important issues, keeping in mind that all research has some limitations.
    • Future directions: What needs to be done to further the research surrounding your topic, focusing on the most important next steps?
    • Implications: What are the potential implications for this issue as that relates to children, theories about children, public policy and/or parenting?
    • End your paper with a final succinct paragraph reminding us of the topic under investigation, the most central findings, and a take home message.Think – what is the food for thought pertaining to your topic and its relevance to child development?
    • And statistics on researches.
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