i need research paper of 4 to 5 pages in length

  1. Write a short research paper on the development of Internet2 and how this deployment of this network will impact corporate WANs based on the Internet.
  2. Devise a strategy for connecting LANs for a single corporation with four geographically separate entities into a single corporate wide area network.

Note: Need to modify LMS to accept 2 files.

Writing Requirements

  • Turn in the Paper to SMARTHINKING.com before submitting your final paper.
  • Turn in a final paper and the paper with the SMARTHINKING.com tutor comments.
  • Complete the project in APA format
  • Paper should include at least 3 references
  • Paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length
  • APA format -Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.
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