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1/A part time payroll clerk, Kay, had been employed with a mid-size organization (250 employees) for three years. Her performance evaluations had been excellent, and she had received holiday bonuses (unusual for part time employees) for the last two years. She reported to the VP of Human Resources. The Controller, to whom the VP of HR reported, decided to expand the payroll clerk job to full time. The increased position was offered to Kay. She was told that if she did not accept the new role, she would be terminated despite the HR VP’s objections. Kay declined as she only wanted to work part time because she wanted to spend time with her grandchildren. She expressed her desire to remain with the organization and pointed out that she had originally accepted the position due to its part time status. Kay was terminated.

If you were the Controller’s boss, what concerns would you voice before the decision was implemented?


1. Name and describe the five elements of a High-Performance Work System.

2. An excerpt from Shoe Carnival’s 10k is posted in the Exam Folder. From this document, Identify elements of a High-Performance Work System that are described in the 10k.

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