i need a research paper on prostate cancer and african american men

Directions: For the final project a research paper is required (15-pages excluding cover page and references). We will discuss all the elements of the assignment during all classes. If you miss class, you will miss part of the assignment. You will be provided examples to complete the paper. Please follow the outline provided below. You are to use Microsoft Word, double space, size 12 font, one-inch margins, appropriate APA standards. Yes, your research paper could be on your service learning experience. As you are aware, and per the syllabus, you are required to present your research during the last two weeks of class. II. Introduction (one paragraph) a. Introduce the research paper b. What is the gap in the literature (2 citations)? c. How will your research address the gap? III.Background of the Problem (one or two paragraph[s]) a. What is the problem? b. How long has it been a problem? c. Who says it is a problem? d. Who conducted research on the problem? IV. Problem Statement (one paragraph) a. Hook (WOW) statement b. Anchor (number) statement c. General Program (a summary of the hook and anchorstatement) d. Specific Research program statement V. Purpose Statement (one paragraph) a. What is the purpose of your qualitative action research study? b. Target population c. Location d. Social change statement (how would the community benefit from your research findings?) VI. Research (1) and Interview questions (3) a. Primary research question b. Interview questions VII. Conceptual Framework (one paragraph) a. What is the name of the theory? b. Who wrote the theory? c. When was the theory written? d. What is the purpose of the theory? e. What are the principles or tenets of the theory? f. How is the theory relevant to your research topic? 10 VIII. Nature of the Study a. Methods (one paragraph) b. Research Design (one paragraph) IX. Significance of the research (one paragraph) a. Why is it important to write research on your topic? b. Who cares? c. Who benefits? d. What improvement could occur? X. Assumptions, Delimitations, Limitations (1 page) a. What do you assume to be true or not true? b. How is the research bounded? c. What are the presumed weaknesses? XI.Literature review (8 pages) a. How many sources? b. What databases used? c. You do remember that you are to use NOWebsites!!!! d. Overview of the content in the literature review that include your three themes. e. Transitional summary XII. Results from the interviews (2-3 pages) XIII. Discussion and conclusion (1 page) XIV. Reference List XV. Appendices (interview raw data)

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