i am looking for an excellent proficient resume writer kindly bid if you know you can write a perfect resume 2


Cover page should be just 1 page, Resume 1 page, answer 3 questions 0.5 pages, skill section should be 1 pages.

Ensure that all the instructions are followed keenly please

I need this to be exceptional.

Kindly do not copy from any other resumes, write in your own words please and avoid grammar errors please.

Format the paper correctly and make it simple but ensure quality.

Top notch work required

Note keenly

I need a cover letter done based on the requirement sheet provided, a simple resume, and answers to the question and skill sections. I have attached the students information. I have also attached the job posting for the job the student is applying for.

on the question and skill section, 3 questions need to be answered, no more than half a page, and also a page of a 2 column table on the left side it will have a skill, and proof or evidence of the skill on the right. 4-5 skills is fine. I have attached the sample of how the table should look like.

i have attached the questions and a sample table, job posting and the cover letter requirements

NOTE, the student does not have much work experience so just work around the information attached below and write based on that!

Make sure you read the instructions carefully do not leave anything out.

Thank you

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