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  • Make an argument concerning the topic.

Employee engagement has significant effects on organizational outcomes, and is often linked to many positive business metrics. This is especially important in the changing work environment, in which organizations must continually stay relevant. Oftentimes, they do so by focusing on innovation and change processes. Many have questioned how employee engagement has specifically impacted the ability for an organization to be innovative and remain successful through change, and it has shown that engagement has also remained a prevalent factor in these strategies as well. As business has expanded globally, competition has increased greatly, and the influence that business has on economies far and wide has deepened. Remaining relevant is not only something a business wants, but something they require. Hoque et al. states that when employees are engaged, they are not only connected to their work, but they will also invest their energy, both physically and mentally, towards organizational goals and tasks that will result in increased performance (Hoque et al., p.56 ,2017). They will more easily absorb organizational values and strategies, while increasing their dedication, eagerness, and intensity (Hoque et al., p.56, 2017). This in turn boosts concentration, pride, focus, and enthusiasm in their work (Hoque et al., p.56, 2017). If management at an organization engages their employees by making it an employee-centric workplace (i.e. they take care of their employees by various means), they may be more likely to have an employee who comes up with a strategy to solve a problem and also who has the desire to see that it comes to fruition. One example of this is is ATT’s Foundry program. In this program, the company sets aside funds specifically to experiment and create/develop/design new products. They then must “pitch” their idea to executives for approval for increased funding and production. They have had multiple products result from this, including home automation and security systems (Morgan, 2015). Employees who are given the chance to make a difference within their company and display their skill set, outside of their typical day to day activities, are more likely to be interested in the projects they pursuing and thus more likely to enjoy the work they do. As stated, this increases effort, but also satisfaction for the employee. In addition, when an individual is able to contribute something impactful or valuable to the organization, they feel as though they are a part of something successful and that they themselves are capable of something greater, encouraging them to continue to do so.

Hoque, A. S. M. M., Gwadabe, U., & Rahman, M. A. (2017). Corporate Entrepreneurship Upshot on Innovation Performance: The Mediation of Employee Engagement. Journal of Humanities, Language, Culture and Business, 1(6).

Morgan, J. (2015, April 9). Five Examples of Companies With Internal Innovation Programs. Retrieved from

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