human resources 125

Please answer the assigned questions in narrative, third person format.

Your total word count needs to be at least 3000 words .

Include at least three (3) academic sources in your responses inclusive of in-text citations and references.

Please cite your three (3) academic sources using APA format

Please list the question followed by your answer with

1. Define what is meant by training and explain why it is a critical function for corporations.

2. Identify two types of informational training methods and two types of experiential training methods. What are the benefits and limitations of each of these methods?

3.(a) Explain what is meant by career development.

(b) What are the benefits of a career development system for an organization and its employees and managers/supervisors?

4.Organizations can use a variety of interventions (e.g. activities and tools) as part of their career development in intiatives.

(a) Identify and describe two types of interventions (components) that you would like your employer to have.

(b) Explain why you have selected these two components.

1.Distinguish between the following job evaluation methods:

(a) ranking

(b) classification

(c) point factor

2.Using specific examples, distinguish between legally required benefits that employers must offer to their employees and discretionary plans.

3.(a) What are the benefits of using PFP programs?

(b) Describe the main challenges and problems with PFP programs.

4.(a) Distinguish between profit-sharing, gainsharing, and employee stock option plans.

(b) What are the advantages and limitations of each of these incentive plans?

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