1. You have worked for several years for Big Box Botany, a major flower and shrub retailer.  Your job is to maintain the plants in one of several large greenhouses.   One Monday when you come to work and enter the greenhouse, you begin to violently sneeze and hiccup.  You immediately call the Big Box Botany manager to learn if there has been any change in the greenhouse.   The Manager, Rose Thorn, advises you that there is a new fertilizer that was introduced over the weekend.You explain to Ms. Thorn your apparent allergic reaction, and she promises to change back to the original fertilizer the next week but advises you that nothing can be done until then.  You ask for a vacation week, and Ms. Thorn refuses indicating that there no way to replace you on such short nice.   With apologies you advise her that you have the right to not work in “dangerous conditions.”   You are immediately fired and bring suit against Big Box Botany for a “retaliatory firing.”  What are your chances of success in your lawsuit?2. are a commission salesperson for Esmeralda’s Emeralds, a fine jewelry wholesaler. Your job takes you literally around the world to select the best gems at the best possible price.   In Bangkok, you are having dinner with a salesperson from a competing wholesaler.   The two of you are comparing notes about your purchases over a glass of wine when you suddenly become violently ill.   You are rushed to a local hospital where after days of tests, you learn that you are the victim of food poisoning, a rare and difficult to treat bacteria and are told that it will be at least several weeks before you will be able to return home.You file for Worker’s Compensation.   Are you eligible to receive it.3. Another of the great public policy debates today is whether employer and other privately based  based plans plus Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor is a better approach to health care than Medicare for All.  What is your position on this issue?4. Error Management Training: Can allowing trainees to make errors in training be useful? Explain.

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