HRMN 400 – Administrative Assistant Job Analysis and Recruitment

Please see the assignment details below. All 5 questions must be answered independently, APA (in-text/reference page) and must use the attached course resources. The job position selected is administrative assistant, please see the attached occupational title definition attached.Discussion One: Review the material presented in the course about how to conduct a job analysis, the various methods for collecting data, and the pros and cons of the various methods. Then, develop a plan to gather data for a job analysis. You will need to a) select the position (a job) to analyze; b) use at least two methods for collecting data; c) collect the data using the methods selected and d) summarize your findings in a short job description and job specification. If you do not have a position in a typical office, retail establishment or production facility you can use, seek out a position from elsewhere. The opportunities could include a server at a restaurant, a service provider in your home, your hair stylist, a sales assistant, the receptionist at your doctor’s office or perhaps your child’s teacher.  Include the following:1. The position you selected to analyze2. The methods you selected for gathering data3. The rationale for why you selected the methods you did4.  A discussion of your experience in collecting this data5.  A short sample position description and job specification you were able to design based on the data you gathered.You may use a word document if you like or provide your proposal in the content of your response window.Be sure to provide the references for the sources of the information you used to inform your analysis including the material provided in the classroom

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