Hrm 6603

Discussion Forum Week 2 – Preferred Organizational Structure1414 unread replies.1414 replies.After completing the Preferred Organizational Structure scale you will be scored on your preferences for a Mechanistic vs. an Organic Structure.  You will also receive a score for each of the subcategories:  Tall Hierarcy, Formalization, and Centralization.Do you believe that the structure of your current organization fits your preferences as outlined by the scale?Is there a particular difference in your preference for one of the subcategories compared to the current reality of your organization?If your preferences do not fit the current structure of your organization, do you believe that the structure will change?  Will you consider leaving if it does not?If it is a fit, do you find yourself feeling more comfortable and more motivated in this organization that in previous organizations where perhaps there was not such a close fit?Your response to this question should be posted by 11:00 pm central time Wednesday of Week 2.  Please respond to your fellow students by 11:00 pm central time Saturday of Week 2.Before posting in the Discussion Board, be sure to read the Discussion Board Rules & Requirements -click on the link below!Discussion Board HRM6603.docx

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