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reply to the students response to the question  below  in a 150 words min and provide 1 referencequestion :How does a distinguishing of the terms data and information bear an impact upon effectively communicating human resource programs?students responseEffective communication is very important when it comes to interpreting data. When a person is given data without given enough information about the data, the data becomes useless and ineffective. Rue, Byars and Ibrahim (2016) mention that information is when raw data is interpreted and meets the need of one or more managers. People recieve data all the time and without any explanation on what those information means, it makes those data become unusable. That is why it is important to effectively  communicate data with others, so that the data being given becomes useful information.Rue, L., Byars, L. & Ibrahim, N. (2016). Human Resource Management, 11th Ediction. NY: McGraw-Hill.

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