How much should you charge for your product or service?

75-150 word response to the question(s) below. Please, include in your responses, any personal or professional experience lived in the past, or present and a question derived from your research to the class.Post your answers identifying a, b, and c in your response.

1. a) How much should you charge for your product or service?

2. b) How is pricing a key part of a product positioning?

3. c) How do you price to differentiate a product commodity?

4. What are the various responses to a competitor’s price change?

5. a) What are some types and sources of channel conflict?

6. b) What are some of the ethical considerations in channel relations?

7. c) Are organizations adhering to legal or ethics considerations?

8. What are the various channels to market and how are they interrelated and how are they different?

9. What are intermediaries and why are they important?


Kotler, P.T. & Keller, K.L. (2016). Marketing Management (15th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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