how does access quality of care and cost containment in the u s compare to other developed nations

Access, quality of care, and cost containment are the measures and goals of any healthcare system. Research the design and implementation of another developed nation’s (such as Canada, Singapore, U.K., France, Australia, Germany) healthcare system and explain how it meets each of these three goals. Explain how other countries cover their people compared the United States, what does it cost (cost per capita), the spending on the drugs and how it is regulated. Find information about the lifespan, mortality rates etc. What are some better ways to do things in the U.S healthcare that other countries are doing. Gather overall big picture information. Use data to support your analysis and analyze the data.

This 4-page research paper (plus a reference list of at least 5 academic references). One of your references for this paper can be the website of the Office for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Paper Requirements:

4 Page Paper

Reference Page (5 academic references)

APA Format

12 point font

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