hospitality management exam

this is a short answer exam. I attached some files that you might need for guest speaker questions. and I also attached my friend’s answer for the exam. dont ever use my friends word but you can just look at it and have an idea from that.

and here are the questions and you need to answer every thing. it is a short answer question. my friend write a lot but you just need about 100 words each question. dont think too serious about grammar.

1. Fernando Ramirez talked about the importance of Customer Research for business decision making. Why do you think using research is so important when operating a business?

3.Mark Grzankowski talked about the transformation of Monte Carlo to Park MGM and NoMad. What was one thing you found interesting from his presentation on this very unique property rebrand?

3.Describe a time you had a great customer service experience. What about that experience made it memorable for you and why?

4.Describe a time you had a bad customer service experience. What about that experience made it negative and why?

5.What do you see yourself doing immediately after graduation?

6.Technology is rapidly evolving with it’s applications in the hospitality industry. What are your initial thoughts on the use of technology in a service-oriented industry?

7.If there is one topic you would really like to have discussed this semester, what would it be and why?

8.Ford Blakely, CEO and Founder of Zingle, Inc spoke on his story of creating Zingle, and just last week sold Zingle for over 42 Million Dollars. What is one thing from Ford’s story that you can use as you continue your education and prepare to enter the industry?

9.Mark Prows is the SVP of Entertainment Operations, overseeing large venues across the country. He discussed the types of entertainment they provide today. What do you think the future of entertainment looks like in the next 5-10 years?

10.Innovation is important in driving a business forward. If you were asked by a Las Vegas Strip Resort to consult with them on ONE THING they could do different to create a better experience for their guests, what would it be and why?

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