Homework for Rey writer HRMN 408 Assignment 3

This assignment aims to remind you that the news is full of information relating to employment law; the objective is to develop the ability to critically analyze the news you encounter – which can sometimes be reported incorrectly.APA Format, Title Page, Body, Reference PageNEWSPAPER ARTICLE ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSIONPoint Value: 25 points1.       Select a newspaper article (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, or other appropriate quality journalism cite) which addresses a current Employment Law topic. A good place to look would be in the business pages or an analysis of a Supreme Court decision.  You should select a news article and not an “opinion” piece.2.       Summarize the article.  Ensure that you identify the source of the article and date in your summary.  In addition, you should attach the article or provide a link to it so we can read the original article.  The heading for your post should contain a short title that will entice other students to read your article. Do not simply “copy” large portions of the article.  The writing skill of summarizing will be evaluated.3.       Identify and describe/explain any legal or ethical issue(s) and their relationship to the context of proper HR management4.       Discuss how the event/case/issue is relevant to the course.  i.e. it addresses and expands on material discussed in a specific chapter etc.  Be specific.5.       Discuss the implications of the current event and any legal and/or ethical issues in the context of employment in the domestic and/or global business environment.The assignment will be graded according to the following rubrics:RUBRIC CATEGORIESExcellentGoodFairPoorPoints & CommentsADDRESSES ALL ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS(0-5 points)Follows directions to the letter, and addresses all four parts.Shows command of the facts and law, but does not follow directions.Fails to address one or more of the required topics.Ignores directions as to requested form.SKILL IN WRITING AND ANALYSISDegree of sophistication or depth of thought(0-15 points)Carefully delineates and analyses all of the relevant law and facts.Lists all the most relevant facts and law, but treats them in a cursory mannerOmits relevant facts/law or places emphasis on less relevant items.Covers only a portion of the important laws and/or facts in reaching a conclusion.MECHANICS AND GRAMMARMechanics of memorandum(0-5 points)No errors of spelling or grammar; well-presented structure.A few spelling or grammatical errorsSloppy structure and/or spelling or grammar errorsMany spelling or grammar errors and poor structure.

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