hist 1402 american history 1877 present

There are 2 modules Questions.

Paris 1919
The Treaty of Versailles

1. Did the Great War end with a peace treaty?
2. What is the name of the gathering of world leaders in Paris to end the Great War called?
3. Are the Germans even at the Conference?
4. Who is the most important person everyone in Paris is turning to?
5. How are German troops welcomed back home in Berlin? Do most Germans feel that they lost the war?
6. What does President Wilson tell Edward House would stop future wars?
7. What are the 5 leaders at the head table known as? Who are they and what countries do they represent?

1.) George Clemenceau of
2.) David Lloyd George of

3.) Vittorio Orlando of

4.) Nobuaki Makino of

5.) Woodrow Wilson of

8. What were some of the things the John Maynard Keynes and the British Reparations Board was calculating?
9. Did the blockade of Germany end when the fighting stopped?
10. What did Woodrow Wilson want the League of Nations to take the place of?
11. Does Wilson want the powers to come out of the conference with colonies? What does he promise nations who have up to this point been ruled by foreign powers?
12. What did the average person on the street in Paris want?
13. What does Keynes say the two options are towards Germany?
14. Does Wilson think that Americans will fight under the banner of the League of Nations and die for Europe’s security? Do Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George think they will?
15. What are some of the things/punishments Clemenceau lists off that he wants from Germany?
16. Did the Germans think Wilson would stick up for them at the conference? If the Germans don’t sign the treaty, what do the allies threaten to do?
17. What is your overall opinion of the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles?

World War I Worksheet
Wilson’s Declaration of Neutrality

1. What does Wilson say a citizen will do if they really love America?
2. What is the proper role of the United States?
Wilson Asks Congress for a Declaration of War
1. Why does Wilson go before Congress to ask for a declaration of war?
2. How does Wilson frame Germany’s use of unrestricted submarine warfare?
3. Who is Germany waging war against?
4. According to Wilson, what are America’s motives and objectives?
5. Does Wilson believe we have a “quarrel” with the German people? Why or why not?
6. What does Wilson mean by saying the world must be made “safe for democracy?”
7. How does Wilson say German-Americans (immigrants) will be treated?
8. What are some of the things America is fighting for?

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