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This week your journal entry will outline a conflict that you’ll develop into a short story. This will be the basis for the Fiction Project so take some time to think about what you’d like to write about. Before beginning this assignment, review the various types of conflicts here: Types of Conflict. When writing in your journal, always take the time to include details, colors, feelings, and action. 

Listed below are two examples; the first is weak, the second is stronger.

This is an example don’t use it.

Weak Journal Entry”Two girls went to the mall and encountered a scary man.”That is too general. You want a journal entry with more detail, with description, dialogue, emotion, detail, action, and conflict.

Stronger Journal Entry”Jen and Bethanny made their weekly pilgrimage to Spring Hill Mall last Saturday night, but had the scare of their lives when an accidental bump in the food court introduced a new wrinkle into their evening.  Clad in a dark coat, now dripping with gravy, the unintended target was unforgiving and stalked the young girls through the JC Penney and Forever 21 with the cold, dark stare of a hunter determined to bag his game.  Giving him the slip required not only tenacity, but teamwork that only true BFFs could muster.”

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