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Imagine that you are an intelligence officer for your local, state, or tribal law enforcement agency. You have been asked to give an intelligence report to your chain of command.

Utilize the intelligence cycle to research information—using unclassified information only—on your local area, and create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the components listed below.

  1. Select the local enforcement agency you are representing, and discuss the role of the agency as it relates to counterterrorism.
  2. Discuss the threats for the local area (e.g., gangs, criminal activity, anarchists, extremists, organized crime).
  3. Identify the trends in crime in the local area.
  4. List the local resources available for intelligence gathering.
  5. Explain what federal resources are available for intelligence gathering and analysis.
  6. Make a prediction of future trends in crime and future threats based on the intelligence you have collected.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be six to eight slides in length (not counting the title or reference slides) and must follow APA style for references and citations. Support your presentation with a minimum of three resources. Include at least two images or graphics in your presentation.


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