HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration

reply to this discussion post 75 words 1 referenceAshley McDanielI chose to answer the first question.It is important for an administrator to act ethically and legally in every circumstance, so it is important for administrator to make sure it’s coworkers are doing the same. Administrators could teach others in the organization about the medical laws and regulations regarding ethics in healthcare. It is easy to misuse these laws and regulations with the EMR. With an EMR, a patient’s personal information is easily assessable to read. The laws and regulations are strict guidelines for an organization to follow(Peer, K.).  An administrator could have training sessions annually to remind coworkers of the importance of ethics and healthcare and also if there is any new laws or regulations to teach them.  An administrator can also impose strict guidelines and consequences if someone would not follow the guidelines of the organization. If someone violates the code of ethics they could be terminated(Peer, K.).  Coworkers should be reminded that they are legal consequences if they are not compliant with legal and ethical issues. It is important for the administrator to act in a legal and ethical manner.  If the coworkers see the administrator doing the right thing, then they will be applicable to do the same.

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