HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration

75 words as reply to this post if intext cite use referenceJustin AdamsFinance in healthcare is the fundamental basis of how a practice manages its cashflow; a practice is essentially a business that is offering services, the healthcare from providers, to the goods, the patients. If there is no cashflow within a practice, weather it comes from self-pay or insurance companies, a practice will not be successful and unable to pay its employees, utilities and other general fees (Gapenski, L).Utilizing financial information can help determine how a business if functioning by monitoring the revenue (which can determine the ability to hire new staff, purchase new technology, renovations, etc.).To put the second portion of this into laymans terms  (and a bit easier to understand myself) here is an outline of each operating budget vs a capital budget; these are also known as direct costs and indirect costs/ variable costs:Direct costs/ operating budgetExpenses that a company can directly connect to specific “cost object”These can be specified by department, product, or project.E.g. software for EMR’s, equipment ( MRI Machine/ Ultrasound machine), and raw materialsThese also can include labor costsIndirect Costs/ variable costsExtend beyond the expenses you incur creating a product to include the costs involved with maintain and running a companyEg. Overhead costsMalpractice insuranceDay-to- day supplies needed for company functionPen, printer paper, rental space costs, etc.Variable costsConstantly changeElectric, gas, rent ( for the most part stays consistent)

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