HA255 Human Resources for Healthcare Organizations

Employee Training and Development in Health Care OrganizationsYou have been asked to pull together some frequently asked questions about the importance of training, professional development, and performance management for your organization. Create a document, brochure, pamphlet, infographic, or PowerPoint that explains:Why employees must be properly trained to perform their job responsibilities and the benefits quality training provides employees. Include how strategic training, managing the training process, and evaluating the training provided helps meet organizational goals.How professional development helps employees reach their career goals, including how it differs from training and how it can be used in succession planning. Discuss why it is important to create a professional development plan, what should be included in the plan, and the types of professional development activities that might be part of the plan.Performance management and how it is used to define employee expectations and manage their job performance. Describe the benefits the performance appraisal process provides for employees, including administrative and developmental uses, and how it helps the organization meet its goals.Assignment GuidelinesYou should include at least two questions and answers for each of the above requirements. Each question and answer should be at least 75 words. You may use any of the following formats to write and organize your frequently asked questions:An FAQ document, which can be laid out in a Q&A format.An informational brochure or pamphlet. You may use a Microsoft Word template to add graphics and pictures.An infographic with detailed information for each question and answer.PowerPoint slides with the questions and answers.

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