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    Week 4 – Assignment: Eligibility Certification Hypothetical

    Due Sunday

    Submit Assignment: Eligibility Certification HypotheticalBefore beginning this assignment, be sure that you have read this week’s materials on academic eligibility. For your assignment, you are going to certify the current athletics eligibility of a hypothetical student-athlete. Your certification will include responding to questions relating to the four fundamental areas of eligibility certification for a current student athlete. These areas include whether a student-athlete is in good academic standing with his or her institution; whether the student-athlete has met all credit-hour requirements; whether the student-athlete has completed the appropriate amount of progress towards his or her degree and whether the student-athlete has met his or her grade-point-average requirements. When responding to the individual questions listed below, please explain how you arrived with your answer.Fact PatternSally Slapshot is a women’s ice hockey student-athlete at North Pole Tech. North Pole Tech is an NCAA Division I institution that utilizes a semester system. North Pole Tech requires students to graduate with a grade-point average of at least 2.00. In order to be considered in good academic standing during his or her time at the institution, each student must be at 90% (i.e., 1.80) of the minimum grade-point average needed to graduate prior to the beginning of his or her freshman year, at 95% (i.e., 1.90) of the minimum grade-point average needed to graduate prior to the beginning of his or her sophomore year, and at 100% prior to the beginning of his or her junior year. Additionally, should a student receive less than a C in a course, the student is required to retake the course for it to count towards his or her degree. However, the grade will be counted towards the student’s grade-point-average until the student retakes the course. If the student receives a grade of at least a C after retaking the course, that lower grade will be replaced for grade-point-average calculations.Sally, who is a history major, is entering her junior year at North Pole Tech with the following academic record:Fall 2014

    Course Credits Grade
    Freshman Composition 3 C+ (2.30)
    Calculus I 4 C (2.00)
    Introduction to Sociology 3 A (4.00)
    American History 4 B+ (3.30)

    Spring 2015

    Course Credits Grade
    Calculus II 4 F (0.00)
    Biology 4 D (1.00)
    European History 4 C (2.00)
    Communications I 3 B (3.00)

    Summer 2015

    Course Credits Grade
    Introduction to Psychology 3 B (3.00)
    Creative Writing Seminar 2 B (3.00)

    Fall 2015

    Course Credits Grade
    English II 3 C (2.00)
    Biology 4 C (2.00)
    Computer Programming I 3 D+ (1.00)
    History of China 3 C (2.00)

    Spring 2016

    Course Credits Grade
    History of Black America 4 C+ (2.30)
    The Revolutionary War 4 B (3.00)
    Poetry 3 B+ (3.33)
    Theater Production 3 A (4.00)

    Summer 2016

    Course Credits Grade
    Introduction to Art 3 A (4.00)
    History of the Soviet Union 3 B (3.00)

    Assignment Questions

    • Has Sally met the following credit hour requirements for the 2016 fall semester:
      • 6-hour requirement?
      • 18-hour requirement?
      • 24–36-hour requirement?
    • Assuming Sally’s history major requires 120 credit hours and all of Sally’s courses may be applied to her degree, has she met percentage-of-degree requirements to be eligible for the fall 2016 semester?
    • Does Sally have the minimum required grade-point-average to compete during the 2016 fall semester?
    • At any point during Sally’s time at North Pole Tech has she been academically eligible?
    • What advice would you give Sally and her coach regarding her course selection for her junior year at North Pole Tech?

    Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. APA style is not required for this assignment, but you should properly cite any appropriate research or NCAA legislation.

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