government functions government function 2

We expect the government to provide many functions to the society and economy. Pick ONE of the functions that you feel is most important to the well being of the society, explain why you picked that function and research the statistics that expand on this function….for instance: if you pick education, you should look at how much and what percentage does the government spend on education out of the general budget, look at how the function has changed (is there more or less spent on subsidies), where does the money come from (federal or local taxes) and you could compare it to other countries. Do we spend more or less (as a percentage of our budget)and compare to how well our students do on tests…comparatively. How about private education?

Please give a live link to an article supporting your position and make sure that you do include the information in the article/articles in your post. You need to read what has already been posted and if your point has already been covered then move on to the next function you feel is important.

No more than 250 words, so be selective and organize your post well

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