Government Authority and Regulation versus Institutional Autonomy

In this discussion, you will need to support your discussion posts with at least one article from a professional journal and one article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.The following resources can be used to find many professional journals and articles.In the University Library, you can use the following database:Nexis Uni.On the Internet, you can use the following resource:The Chronicle of Higher Education. (2012). Retrieved from Enders, J., de Boer, H., & Weyer, E. (2013). Regulatory autonomy and performance: The reform of higher education re-visited. Higher Education, 65(1), pages 5–23.Read Heck, R. H., Lam, W. S., & Thomas, S. L. (2014). State political culture, higher education spending indicators, and undergraduate graduation outcomes. Educational Policy, 28(1), pages 3–39.(Question)-To supplement this unit’s readings on government regulation and involvement, and on higher education’s efforts toward autonomy, use the library to research a public policy issue that pertains to these topics. Discuss the importance of this public policy. Which groups of stakeholders have benefited, or are expected to benefit? How?

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