fundamental of art 15

  1. Please provide a web-link of the museum/gallery (including artwork) or studio/art-making demo you will discuss.
  2. Please provide the basic information such as artist name/instructor’s name, title of artwork, year it was created, medium, artistic styles, and etc.
  1. Please add your opinions, learning (including the reason you chose the work), and other discussion points in 15 or more sentences, not including the basic information.
  2. You can begin your search of artworks, galleries/museums, studios, materials, and techniques with the following links. Links to an external site. Links to an external site. Links to an external site. Links to an external site. Links to an external site.

  • File Upload
  • Text Entry
  • Please don’t do any one of those topics because I have them already.

    1- The Conservator’s eye: Marble statue of a wounded warrior

    2- The name of Museum: Uffizi Gallery
    The title of artwork: Moses undergoing Trial by Fire

    3- The name of the museum: Rijksmuseum Gallery the title of artwork: The love letter by Johannes

    4- The White House.

    5- The fall of man (Adam and Eve)
    6- The love letter
    7- Semiramis

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