forum and assignment

===> Week 6 forum for RTMG 150 classs for which details are below <===

Risk Management

Instructions: After reading the weeks material, address the following:

– What risk management issues would you confront in a retail organization? Explain your answer.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least 2 other students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 substantive words.

===> Week 6 forum for ENTR 311 class for which details are below <===

Management & Organization (PO9, CO3, ILO.B.SK.4, BIS3, AL.2)

People are the key success to your business. Complete the management section of your business plan, and share it here. It should include: your key personnel, line of authority, management style, and organization plan. Also share: What management strengths and weak points did you find? Why? How can you capitalize on your strengths? How can you improve upon your weak points? Why is this a challenge for today’s entrepreneur?

Please respond to at least 2 other students

===> Week 6 assignment for ENTR 311 class for which details are below <====

Week 6 – Development and Milestones


Create your company vision, Priorities, Milestones Achieved to Date, Future Milestones, and the Exit Plan Options. Compile the information into the Development and Exit part of your business plan. Provide a narrative that explains your best exit plan options. How did you arrive at that decision?

Please review attached assignment rubric
Minimum 2 pages
Business Professional Format
Do not submit an entire business plan

Please note that initial post of both the forum needs to be done today within 12-16 hours. For assignment and 2 replies, I can add 12 more hours to final due time if needed. Thanks

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